• Licensed attorney at law
  • 감히 낙관주의자가 되어라 Dare to be an OPTIMIST!

  • Clients visits a lawyers to solve their serious problems. Solving those problems is difficult, so lawyers can fall into skepticism. However, rather than being skeptics, SHIN & YOO lawyers dare to be optimists. We will provide the best legal services for our clients with the belief that there is a clear solution, and with solid jurisprudence, abundant precedents, and meticulous research from experience.
      • Education
      • Yonsei University, Bachelor’s degree on psychology/economics
        Sogang Lawschool
      • Career
      • Lawfirm Sejulaw, Associate (2021. 5. - 2021. 11.)
        Shin & You Law office, Associate (2021. 5. - )
      • Languages
      • Korean, English, Japanese