• Licensed attorney at law
  • Media and crisis response (risk control)
  • 시계를 알 수 없는 바다에서는 등대는한줄기 빛 이상의 것이 됩니다.

  • At sea when nothing can be clearly seen, a lighthouse is more than just a ray of light. I have provided pre-consulting services in all areas of the corporate management process, ranging from corporate accounting, management disputes, M & A to taxation, criminal investigations, and also have conducted post-conflict disputes. We want to be a shining lighthouse for companies operating in an unpredictable business environment, so as to guide them in the right direction and help them to move forward. We make every effort to get the best outcome for our clients using the full expertise of SHIN & YOO, which is based on our considerable experience of successfully handling a wide variety of cases.
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      • Licensed attorney at law
      • Education
      • Korea University(LL.B) The University of Seoul, Graduate School of Science, Masters Degree in Taxation Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea
      • Career
      • One Law Professional Corporation, Associate Law Firm JunKyung (JK), Associate SHIN & YOO, Partner (Jan, 2019-Present)
      • Languages
      • Korean, English
      • Cases
      • Corporate litigation & advisory concerning corporate accounting related to the abolition of listing in SUNGJEE, DMC MOTORS, G-Display., management disputes concerning HD PRO, etc, damages relating to the abolishment of listing against PATIGAMES
        Corporate advice on mergers & acquisitions regarding SIMPAC, JUNGJIN, AIRPARK, etc
        Litigations for cancellation of national taxation involving the National Tax Service vs. KDB bank, CJ ENM etc.
        Corporate criminal litigations involving PRIME MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK, TOMATO MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK etc.