• Licensed attorney at law

  • A good lawyer’s primary concern is the client, thus, the lawyer tries to propose the best possible resolution, after considering all the relevant variables including but not limited to the issues beyond legal areas, such as business judgement, potential expenses, the consequences of litigation or legal disputes to the client, rather than just reviewing the legitimacy of a matter or carrying out lawsuits.
    I, as a junior partner of SHIN & YOO, will provide the highest-quality resolution to our clients, cooperating with our attorneys who have a wide range of experience in various fields such as corporate litigation & advisory services, IP, administrative disputes, civil and criminal cases and so forth.
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      • Education
      • Seoul National University(LL.B), Seoul National University, Graduate School of Law, Completion of Master program The Judicial Research & Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea
      • Career
      • SHIN & YOO, Associate (Feb, 2014 ~ Mar 2018) SHIN & YOO, Junior Partner (Mar 2018 ~ Present)
        Member of the Korea Family Law Association
        Member of the Korea Private International Law Association
        Academic Director, Korean Health Lawyers Association
        Honorary Teacher as an Attorney, Seoul Ha-Neul Elementary School and A-Hyun Elementary School
        Public Defender, Seoul Western District Court
      • Languages
      • Korean, English, japanese
      • Cases
      • KGB Logistics M&A
        Patent and trademark dispute regarding Millet, a dispute regarding share trade (corporation or joint stock company)
        Advice on overseas investment regarding Monkey Flush (China, UAE)
        M&A and company establishment involving GEM & CO in Vietnam
        Publishing dispute between Devsisters and IDreamSky
        Patent dispute concerning SBM
        Fair Trade Committee disposal dispute
        Injunction for business prohibition based on exclusive right
        Litigation against the mandatory closure ordinance of Seoul for Seongbuk-gu
        Criminal defenses against allegations of embezzlement, misappropriation, breach of capital market laws, litigation of domestic relations
        Divorce (property division, alimony and custody, dispute related to child support) and action demanding confirmation of denial of paternity and so forth
        Litigation between Japanese companies and Korean companies or persons
        Management rights and disputes regarding corporations and joint stock company
        Corporate advice concerning Sanden Retail System Korea, Devsisters, Aegis Enterprise, SBM, Woori Technology, Choi Jae Hoon Wedding
        Advice on the Medical Service Act, medical advertising deliberation and claim for health care benefits